At Home

  • Check for signs of forced entry such as broken glass, a torn screen or pry marks before venturing inside.
  • Make it a habit to leave a few dollars out in the open near your entryway. Back out quietly if you see the money is gone.
  • NEVER feel reluctant to call the police if you sense the possibility of an intruder inside.
  • Screen all strangers knocking at your door.
  • Interview them through a one-way peephole while your door is locked. Anyone who refuses to present his or her driver’s license or employee I.D. upon request should be reported to the police.
  • Do not let strangers use your phone.  Call for them if you believe there is a need.
  • Properly secure all openings at nighttime. “Cat burglars” are deterred when the only means of gaining entry would require breaking glass or smashing a door.
  • Don’t assume that upper floor windows are too high for a burglar’s reach.


At Work:

  • Meet clients at the office during business hours.
  • You are about to meet a “stranger”.
  • Do not under any circumstances conduct business in your hotel/motel room.
  • First meeting, set parameters—beginning/ending times, “you are expected at next appointment at ending time.”
  • Make it obvious your activities are being monitored.
  • Always write or enter into computer client’s information.  This way they are identified.
  • Develop a code word with people checking on you to let them know when you are in trouble.
  • Receive arranged phone calls to check on you during the time you are out with a client (most motel desk will provide this service).


WARNING SIGNS maybe, your client expects more than business.

  1. The client wants to control where to meet
  2. Evasive answers (not truthful) to your questions.
  3. Offer seems “to Good to be True.”
  4. The client asks for a last minute or late night meeting.

At a Hotel/Motel:

  • Before trip—pack flashlight, make a copy of important documents (credit cards, driver’s license, etc.), photograph valuables that you are taking with you, i.e. jewelry, etc.
  • Safe motel/hotel:
  1. Modern electronic locks.
  2. Dead bolt lock and peephole.
  3. Smoke and fire detectors and sprinklers in your room, hallways and meeting rooms.
  4. Outside dialing from each room.
  5. Check hallway phone to see if you can call your room (should not be able to).
  6. Call operator from outside phone to see if they give out your room #, if so get another room and speak with manager.



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